Water gutter

The water gutter system can be equipped inside the greenhouse to transport the loose round- or beefsteak tomatoes. They are harvested in a aluminium or INOX bottom unloader and unloaded in the water gutter. The water gutter transports the tomatoes to the grading area where they will be dried so they can be graded and packed. Through the years, the water gutter system has proven itself to be the most cost-efficient transport system for loose tomatoes. Next to that, it gives peace and silence on the concrete path.

Because of our extensive experience in the field of water gutter systems, we are the perfect party to advise the best type of water gutter for your company. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Very cost-effective transport system

Peace and silence on your concrete path

Tomatoes are dry enough to pack them immediately

Suitable for the following crops:

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