Trackman agv

The TRACKMAN is a induction guided electric tractor. With use of a induction wire that is sawn into the concrete floor, the TRACKMAN follows it route. As you are used from us, the TRACKMAN also stands for an extreme robust and reliable electric tractor with a modern design. Its compact design results in a small turning radius which makes the TRACKMAN ideal for situation with limited space. Because we developed the TRACKMAN especially for AGV purposes, it has a high pulling power with low speeds. When the width of the TRACK enables us, we can engineer a track with multiple TRACKMAN AGV trucks. Because of our controllers with wireless communication, we can open and close doors when wanted and change the route of the TRACKMAN whenever wanted. To guarantee safety of pedestrians, we don’t use fotocells or parking sensors, but an (obligatory) laser sensor at the front of the TRACKMAN to detect obstacles.

Drive: 2kW

Length: 1800mm

Width: 1000mm

Speed: 3,5km/h

Driving capacity: 10h

Charging time: 10h

Batteries: A-Brand 24V 220Ah full-traction

Battery charger: Built-in

Pulling strength: 2000Kg

Turning radius: 1900mm

Safety: Laser Cat.3

Labour savings

Unmanned transport

Complex routes are no problem

Laser sensor for superb safety

Simple to configure

High pulling strength

Suitable for the following crops:

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