Spray robot

The Buitendijk-Slaman Spray Robot is very friendly in use.The software has been developed very user-friendly by our own R&D department. Thanks to our own engineering, we can deliver custom solutions against minimum costs. This Spray Robot is guaranteed for safety, robustness and durability. The Spray Robot is designed for automatic spraying of crops. The settings are easily adjustable with the large LCD screen. In total, 9 different spray programs can be pre-set. The advantage is that you don;t need to change the settings when for example you have different lengths of rows. With the Spray Robot, different types of spray booms, hoses and other accessories van be delivered.

Drive: 0,65kW

Speed: 90m/min

Frame: Steel

Body: INOX

Batteries: A- Brand 24V 110Ah full-traction

Lifting wheels: Hydraulic

Pipe-rail size: 425-800mm

Hose reel: Suitable fot 200Mtr 1/2″ hose

Language: NL / EN / FR / ES / PL
(Other languages upon request)

Very high driving speed

Simple controls

Multiple languages possible

Very precise distance sensor

High capacity hose reel

Standard hydraulic lifting wheels

High driving capacity; 8 hours

Robust design

Maintenance friendly

Portable battery charger

Portable battery charger Water- / shock proof 100-240VAC 50-60Hz


Spray boom

Height adjustment for spray boom

Spray pistol

Battery exchange trolley

Transport frame for forklift

Larger hose reel

Suitable for the following crops:

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