Together with its customers, Buitendijk-Slaman has developed an electric cultivation trolley; the “SKYMAN-OFF RAIL”. The SKYMAN OFF-RAIL electric cultivation trolley is developed for growers without a pipe-rail system in the greenhouse for pipe-rail trollies. The SKYMAN OFF-RAIL can be manually set on different heights. Due to its unique “hip-steering” mechanism, the driver has its hand free to work on the crop. It is also possible to steer with your hands instead of with your hips. Thanks to its simple design, the SKYMAN OFF-RAIL is easy to use and to maintain and it’s attractive to buy.

Drive: 0,37kW

Speed: 0-40 m/min

Length frame: 1780mm

Batteries: 24V 105Ah

Battery gauge: Optional

Tilt alarm: Yes

Minimum height: 590mm

Maximaum height: 1530mm

Turn radius: 7400mm

Wheels: Air tires Ø300mm

Strong motor

Low platform


Simple controls

Light and easily manoeuvrable

Low costs

Hands free driving 

Battery charger trolley for 4 of 6 chargers

Battery charger 230V 50Hz

Battery charger Water- / shock proof 100-240VAC 50-60Hz

24V connector for rope machine

ALU tool box

Battery gauge

Kit for 2990mm height

Manual lifting wheels for side-movement

Suitable for the following crops:

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