The SCRAPMAN crop rotation trolley is a V-shaped pipe-rail trolley (available from C.t.c. 500mm) with aluminium side panels. You drive backwards into the row with the SCRAPMAN. The scissors cut through the wires and crop as high as possible so the crop drops into the cloth between the pipe-rails. The large flange wheels make it possible to drive back over the crop. The SCRAPMAN is suitable for all kinds of gutters and traditional- and V-system.

Length: 3100mm

Width: Client specific

Height: Client specific

Generator: Honda

Drive: Heavy 230VAC motor

Scissors: 2 sets especially designed for this application

Wheels: Large nylon flange wheels and 2 casters

Pipe-rail size: 500-800mm

Large labour savings

Saving of time, clean greenhouse in shorter period of time

Rows with posts can sometimes be cut with this machine

Suitable for hanging gutter systems

Improvement of working environment

Suitable for the following crops:

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