This especially harvesting bin has got 2 compartments with moving bottoms. Through the weight, the moving bottoms move downwards when peppers are harvested into the bin. Therefore, the harvester will always place the peppers on the same spot which prevents unnecessary drops and increases the working speed and ergonomics. 10mm of soft foam is placed on the bottoms and optionally we can coat the inside of the bin with Teflon. Each OPTIBIN has its own set of wheel on where they can be transported to the grading area. In the grading area they can be buffered and/or tipped onto the infeed conveyor of the grading machine. This tipping installation is also especially designed to prevent damages to the peppers. Because of all these precautions, damages to the harvested product will belong to the past with as positive result; less intensive quality control necessary, and a higher profit for the grower.

Length: 2420mm

Width: 470mm

Height: 1000mm

Capacity: 260Kg blok paprika’s

Protection: 10mm soft foam on bottom, optionally Teflon coating

Under carriage: 2 centre wheels and 2 casters

Damages to the peppers belong to the past

Heigh labour saving

Efficient because of large volume

Suitable for automatic harvesting systems

Suitable for the following crops:

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