The question for this product was raised by a tomato grower where the crop was often too high to cut the leafs on an ideal height. Walking with the feet on the pipe-rails slows the speed down and causes physical complaints, making it an unpopular job. By using the LEAFMAN, you will save labor and reach a better quality level with de-leafing becuase you can cut the leafs off higher on the crop. We also considered your companies hygiene; because of the angle of the guards at the sides, the leafs will fall under the gutter and not between the pipes.

Drive: 0,15kW

Speed: 0-25 m/min

Length frame: 1300mm

Pipe-rail size: 425 – 600mm

Batteries: 24V 105Ah

Battery gauge: Optional

Side-movement: Centre wheel

Minimum height: 220mm

Maximum height: See options

Simple controls

Economic solution

Hygienic controls

Labor saving


Easy to clean

Light and easily manoeuvrable

Easy access to components for maintenance

Low step

Battery charger trolley

Battery charger handheld

Built-in battery charger


24V connector for rope machine

Suitable for the following crops:

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