De-leafing bin

From a hygienic perspective, some growers choose not to throw the leaves on the ground, but to discharge them from the greenhouse immediately. Especially when there is no room under the gutter. To facilitate this method, we designed the de-leafing bin. The bin can be pushed over the pipe-rail system and the cut-off leaves are collected in the bin. When the bin is full, it can be transported in a train or by fork lift out of the greenhouse. The bin can be emptied by tipping it above a waste-container or a compost heap.

Length: 1880mm

Width: 478mm

Height: 1000mm

Volume: 650Ltr

Pipe-rail size: 425-550mm

Frame: Steel

Wheels: 4x caster, 2x centre wheel

Connectable: Yes

Extra: Forklift provisions 180x80mm C.t.c. 720mm

Robust design

Heavy duty wheels

Low roll friction

Labor saving


Connectable in a train

Suitable for the following crops:

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