Buitendijk-Slaman has developed a leaf sweeper with collection bins for cleaning pepper greenhouses. The BRUSHMAN is equipped with a large rotation brush which creates a vacuum and throws the dirt into the collection bin. 2 side brushes are mounted to brush the dirt from the outside of the pipe-rails and under the gutter, to the main brush. The fine dirt and dust that remains can optionally be blown away with a leaf blower which can be mounted on the BRUSHMAN. We recommend to have at least 2 people walk in front or behind the BRUSHMAN with back blowers to blow all the remaining dirt and dust to the next row where the BRUSHMAN still has to drive. In this way a perfect and clean result can be achieved.

Length: 1500mm

Width: 850mm

Brushes: Synthethic yellow/white

Drive: 11HP generator and electric motors

Controls: Control panel with inverters

Speed: 80m/min

Wheels: 2xfixed-, and 2x caster

Pipe-rail wheels: Steel

Pipe-rail size: 500-800mm

High speed

High reliability because of strong motors

Course dirt such as bottles, stick are no problem

Extreme reduction of dust, therefore the BRUSHMAN can be used during cultivation and it’s better for the health of your staff

Moist does not have influence on the BRUSHMAN

No filter cloth which can get clogged

Less noise

Hydraulic version

Battery charger for start motor (Hydraulic version only)

Collection bins

Several different ways of transporting the bins possible

Leaf blowers

Suitable for the following crops:

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