Bottom unloader

The bottom unloading system is the most common harvesting system for peppers. While for the large companies where more automated systems might be more suitable. For the middle-size and smaller nurseries, the bottom unloading system is still the most cost effective system. The bottom unloader is harvested full in the row between the crop and emptied in a stock-bin on the centre path with help of a crane. The stock bin can be buffered and/or tipped empty on the infeed conveyor of the grading machine. As a true specialist in pepper bottom unloading systems, we are happy to advise you in choosing the best solution for your company.

Material: Steel

Length: 1250 / 1400 / 1600 / 1800 / 2000 / 2250mm
Other sizes upon request

Width: 450mm

Height: 950mm

Valves: 2x over whole length of bin

Control: Handle with gas spring

Protection: 100mm foam on bottom

Cost efficient in purchase, maintenance and labour

Labour saving, never harvest over-the-hand anymore

Ergonomic design, valves are equipped with a gas spring

Minimum damages to the crop

Fall breaker soft PVC

Slide rail for pipe-rail trolley

Undercarriage for pipe-rail

I-beam for hoist

Chain hoist

Suitable for the following crops:

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