Dutch innovative greenhouse logistics

About us

Innovative in harvesting and transport systems for greenhouse horticulture for 50 years.

Modern factory

Affordable quality

Worldwide service

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Innovating in Greenhouse Horticulture

Who are we?

About us

Buitendijk Slaman develops and produces multifunctional, user-friendly harvesting and transport systems for tomato and pepper greenhouse horticulture. Turnkey solutions and separate machines, to make the daily harvesting and transport activities in greenhouse horticulture more efficient and easier, anywhere in the world. By offering products with a functional design and good quality at a competitive price, so that they are available to every grower.

With almost 50 years of experience, we know what we are doing. And for whom. With both feet in the Dutch clay, we love clarity and sobriety. We work hard to deliver good, affordable products that meet exactly what our growers need. From small-scale automation to a high-tech total package. Buitendijk Slaman helps you find the right solution.

Modern factory

We have everything in-house to design, produce and maintain harvest processing and internal transport systems ourselves. From our modern factory, located in Bleiswijk / the Netherlands, approximately 25 people work on innovations every day. With this we keep our quality high and in line with the wishes of the market.

50 years of high quality!

We guarantee that everything is 100% Buitendijk Slaman. This means:

  • Very robust & durable Dutch design
  • Low maintenance costs & downtime
  • Easy to use

Buitendijk Slaman really thinks along with you and develops the most suitable solution.

Dutch innovation

We connect people and technology!

International greenhouse horticulture is a growing market with surprising technological challenges. As a result, we continuously innovate and invest in good and motivated technical personnel. You will find plenty of opportunities for growth, training and challenges within the informal organization.


“Buitendijk Slaman believes that – anywhere in the world – people should be able to produce their own food. Greenhouse horticulture is the solution for many countries to grow vegetables and soft fruit in their own country in an environmentally friendly way. As long as the necessary resources are available. – and therefore affordable -, more countries can become self-sufficient. That is why Buitendijk Slaman naturally strives for affordable quality with high efficiency.”

Affordable quality

Anywhere in the world. Everyone deserves the right tools to make the daily harvesting and transport activities more efficient and easier. Good products for an affordable price.

Good price / quality ratio

High efficiency

Long lifespan

Worldwide service

Worldwide internal logistics

Service partners

C.M.W. Horticulture Ltd., East Yorkshire, England

Plantech Control Systems, Vineland Station: Canada

RTF Climate Ltd., North Shore City: NZ-New Zealand

Clearbrook Industries Ltd, Chilliwack: CA-Canada

We like to build long-term relationships with our customers. This includes a high service level. Professional engineers and technicians work all over the world to install and maintain our machines. Our service team is of course available daily. Because Buitendijk Slaman products are so solid and reliable that malfunctions hardly occur. In short, with an Buitendijk Slaman product you are assured of a long lifespan and worldwide service.

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